Where to Begin

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Where to Begin

Funeral homes define the services we offer in one of three primary categories: pre-need, at-need, and aftercare. Here is what you can expect from us for each:


Pre-Need Services

Preneed is the advance planning of you or a loved one's cremation or burial arrangements. It encompasses many aspects regarding the way in which loved ones and friends grieve. We take the time to gather important details, but also take the time to record cherished memories, and offer a secure place to digitally store photos and other memories - free forever. Our preneed plans are guaranteed, which means that the cost of the funeral home's services and merchandise are frozen, your family won't pay out of pocket for funeral home charges upon the death of their loved one.

Our Preneed Counselors work with families to not only select a cremation or burial plan, but also work to memorialize the life of you or a loved one ahead of time. Families we work with consistently say that preneed arranagements saved their family considerable time and money.


At-Need Services

In the event a death occurs in your family, you should notify the appropriate hospital, hospice or law enforcement personnel of your desire to select one of our funeral homes. They will automatically dispatch us 24/7 to begin our care for your loved one.

If you need our services now:
Please call us immediately at (417) 673-2411

Cremation or burial arranagements can be made virtually or in person.

Our state of the art platform allows you to make arrangements, select service options, and even find life insurance money and other benefits you may be entitled to, all from your mobile device! See our video below that details what you can expect.


Aftercare Services

Aftercare is the follow-up care you and your family receive from our funeral home. Unlike discount cremation centers, we provide personalized service from the very beginning. This extends to followups with your family to check on them, offer grief counseling resources, and become a trusted helping hand with matters that occur after a death, such as locating local resources for banking and legal needs.



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