Burial Services

Dignifying Lives Well-Lived.

Burial is the most common choice for families in Missouri. Many families specifically choose Simpson Funeral Home because we can handle every last detail, all at one location.


Unique Life Honoring Services

Because we believe that every life lived is unique and special, your Director will take the time to guide your family through
a variety of options in making your loved one’s service a life honoring tribute:

  • Personalized Floral Designs
  • Custom Produced Video Life Tributes
  • Custom Designed Printed Materials
  • Specialized Musical Tributes
  • Creation of Life Honoring Ceremonies that are Unique to the Life of your Loved One

Honoring your loved one … your way.

There are many ways to commemorate a life. Your family traditions, personal lifestyles, and the desires of all should always be considered. It’s a very personal decision, which is why Southwest Missouri and the surrounding four-states families have trusted us for generations to help plan tributes that truly tell the story of the life that has been lived.

What is a Visitation?
A Visitation lets family and friends say their last goodbyes by gathering to view the person who has died, and be there to support survivors. Visitations are usually held before a funeral ceremony and before burial or cremation takes place.

What is a Contemporary Gathering?
A Contemporary Gathering is less formal and may be held at any of our funeral homes, a reception center, a private home, a park or outdoor setting or any place that has special meaning to you and your loved one.

What are Life Celebrations?
Life Celebrations can include any type of gathering or event where family and friends meet to share sympathy, support, and recollection. It is made more special, and more meaningful, through the addition of personal touches that communicate, celebrate, and rejoice in the qualities of the life that has been lived. These include memory tables, photo boards, favorite music, tribute videos, as well as funeral and cremation merchandise to symbolize lifestyle, hobbies, military service, and professional careers.


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