Comparing Providers

Dignifying Lives Well-Lived.

The choice of a funeral home is yours entirely. Experience the Difference with Us.


We believe in transparency. While other providers may charge thousands more for a service they offer in another area (or state) for a cut-rate price, we believe in offering the same, affordable pricing regardless of where you live. 

Simpson Funeral Home offers free consultations on existing Preneed Funeral Plans from other providers to determine their best path forward in receiving the best possible care for their family. 

If you're tired of not receiving the best care possible during your family's journey through grief and loss, contact us for a simple, no-obligation discussion over coffee or lunch.


Connect Today! Text us at (417) 673-2411 or email preneed@simpsonfh.com.

Alternatively, you can Preplan Online completely, without ever stepping foot into a funeral home.

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